Fishing regulations The lakes within Holsljunga Fishing Grounds (map)
All persons of age 15 years and older, must have a valid fishing permit to have access to fishing in the Holsljunga persons born in Fishing Grounds. (see map). The permit allows you to fish with a spinning-rod and a rod for fly-fishing. You are also allowed to angle and to bob (maximum 10 angle-tools/permit). You are not allowed to use any kind of permanent fishing tools, such as fishing net or any kind of cages. (Licensed permanent tools must have owner’s marking. Tools without marking will be confiscated)
Please note: Pikeperch fishing is forbidden during weeks 15-16-17-18-19. Minimum size for pikeperch = 40 cm.

Daily permit: Valid during the day/date it was bought
Weekly permit: Valid 7 days from the day it was bought
Seasonal permit: Valid May 1 – October 30 or November 1 – April 30
Family permit: Valid for all members of a family, staying at the same address

When fishing you are obliged to show your fishing permit, if asked to do so.

The birdlife is rich and interesting within the Holsljunga Fishing Area. We ask you to consider this and act respectfully. Please avoid going in high speed with motor boat.
1. Karken
2. Byasjön
3. Lillesjön
4. Holsjön
5. Hökabergssjön
6. Ljungsjön
7. Hundasjön
8. Ällesjön
9. Skärsjön
10. Stora Hissjön
11. Lilla Hissjön
12. Torestorpsån
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These types of fish live in our lakes: Perch, pike, pikeperch (only in Karken and Holsjön) mach, bream, burboot, whitefish and eel.